Hey Coach,

I’d just like to say, you are a Stoic of our times..

We look back and read Marcus Aurelius for knowledge and guidance, that’s how I read your emails, so thank you, especially this one.

I’ve had more bad runs lately then ever before, and this one, this email, just really hit the spot

So thank you

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Hey coach!

Just want to thank you. Really.

Going forward to give my best, even in a crappy run or a crappy day.

Also, would you mind if I translate your posts newsletter to Portuguese?

A know a lot of people here in Brazil that would make a good use of words like this but don't speak English (of course the credits would be given).

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Hello! Just want to say that I started running with you 9 months ago. My youngest brother committed suicide and it was really rough. Running with you has made all the difference! I love all your motivation, your guidance and support. You have no idea how this helped me. A few months after, another one of my siblings died. Again, I dove into running. With you in my ear, it helped me get through the toughest moments of my life. I ran a 5k and a 10k. And I plan on doing a lot more. I never pictured myself a runner, but because of your amazing coaching, I am. Thank you so much for all that you do! The quirky comments, the fighting with Dan the engineer. Nike Run Club.. all the training plans. You made me commit to running and helped me be the better version of my self. THANK YOU

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